42l FormsBETA

Create forms without registration

This service is currently under development and might behave in an unexpected way.

Feel free to send feedbacks on our our contact page.

This service is maintained for free, without subscription nor advertising nor tracking or selling of your personal data, on a server hosted in France.

If you appreciate our work, please consider donating to the 42l association or Nextcloud.

Responsive and intuitive interface

Are you searching for a privacy-friendly alternative to Google Forms while keeping its ease of use?

You've just found it.

Choose and order your fields

The software currently supports seven field types.

New field types are currently in the works.

Analyze the answers

See detailed graphs of the answers to your form.

Export the answers

Export the raw data of your form in CSV format to integrate the answers in other software (e.g. LibreOffice Calc or Microsoft Excel).

Edit your form's settings

Use the share link to send your form to other people.

You can also define an expiration date for your form.

All your forms in one place

Find all your forms in the same panel.

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The Nextcloud software suite and the Nextcloud Forms application has been developed by the Nextcloud team and its contributors.

The Simple Nextcloud Forms software, which simplifies the form creation process, has been developed by Neil for the 42l association (source code).